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Hotel Zocalo

A Beautiful Compound at the Beach - A Penthouse plus 8 rooms.

This is Hotel Zocalo. Set right between the beach and the town of Jacó it is one of the best ways to experience what Costa Rica has to offer. The beach is a quick walk away to go surfing or just lounge around. 

Newly renovated, Hotel Zocalo includes a two-story Penthouse, 8 rooms, a private pool, a kitchen, and a communal area. There are two full kitchens, a banquet table, 80 inch TV, and 10 bathrooms.


It's the perfect spot to start your adventures in Costa Rica and to return to after a long day out in Jacó. The best parts of the town are within walking distance; the bars, restaurants, and shops are all right there. 

Hotel Zocalo provides an exceptional and comfortable retreat to relaxation and adventure. 

hotel jaco


Hotel Zocalo includes a private pool and two full kitchens. The property includes two main buildings with a pool in the middle. The 1500 square foot common area houses the kitchen, a living room with two TVs, and a dining table that seats 10 plus bar seating. Jaco has hot water, cold AC, and fast WiFi. Each room is 10ft x 12ft with queen size beds and private bathrooms. Everything you need is within walking distance as Calle Bribri comes right off the main street of Jacó. 

We also own a beach bar and restaurant at Hotel Jaco on the beach 30 seconds away.


New Penthouse Now Available!

new penthouse

Hotel Zocalo


Zocalo - Full Hotel Rental 

Jaco, Costa Rica

Guest 20

This listing is for the ENTIRE hotel including 8 rooms with private baths, the penthouse, business center, and 1500sf common area building. There are 3 kitchens, 9 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in all.

From $499 Per Night

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